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Listener's Log: The Grateful Dead

Album: The Grateful Dead
Artist: The Grateful Dead
Release Date: 17 March 1967
Date Listened: 15 May 2017
Remarks: I'm not really sure how to tackle the Dead. I never listen to them, because it's hard to find a point of entry into the massive amoeba of their world. They aren't a studio album kind of group, there aren't really singles... Finally I just figured I'd try to jump in at an approximation of the beginning and was pleased to find that I liked it. I wasn't expecting to because I assumed it would take them some time to find their voice, but this album (in particular the B side) has a lot of listenable rock in a psychedelic/Californian style that was peculiar to the bands of San Francisco about the time of the summer of love. 
Stand Out Tracks: Good Mornin' Little School Girl, Cold Rain and Snow, Sittin On Top of the World, Cream Puff War, Viola Lee Blues

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