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One Star Reviews - From The AFI Top 10

There's a lot of lists out there chronicling the Best Films ever made. Some are popular, some highly disputed and some, like IMDb's ever evolving top 100, are in constant flux.

However, by far the most notable is the AFI Top 100 Movies.

Issued in 1998, then reissued with amendments in 2007, the list is basically the golden standard. This collection has been a starting point for many a film student seeking to learn about the art form.

But of course, One Star Reviewers are no respecters of institution.

Here's a few of the greatest hits from the AFI Top 10. Remember, we all have an acclaimed film we hate, so try not to judge too harshly.

"Overlong... self-indulgent film... self-consciously arty... overabundance of cheesy filmmaking gimmicks. If I had more time, I could go on forever...." –IMDb user elaurens88  
 "My heart wasn't touched by this at all; It was somewhat disappointing." –Amazon reveiewer 
"In every scene I see technical artistry, and in almost every scene I see ideological concessions." –Jeremy Heilman,
 "It just didn't impact me and my expectations weren't met at all." –RottenTomatoes user Daisy E
"unfortunely the movie seems more of a preachy narrative... it pales in comparison to great war movies like saving private Ryan etc" –RottenTomatoes user Jamie F
 "characterizations are cartoons." –IMDb user a_bike
"This isn't entertainment, and it's not accurate enough to be documentary, so what does that leave? Sadly, propaganda." –IMDb user Ripe Peach
The film in question here? Schindler's List.

I feel it's important to note that everyone quoted here made no anti-semetic comments and that their criticism of the film was based on the film itself. By and large, those that review this movie negatively are the ones who claim that it isn't an appropriate examination of the topic. Many reviewers feel that Spielberg simply did a poor job telling the story.

Widely considered one of Spielberg's best, the film was a critical darling that swept the Oscars in 1994. It stands at #8 on the AFI list and is the most widely known film about the Nazi slaughter of Jews during the second world war.

In many ways, the controversy makes the movie an easy target. Some consider the holocaust to be a matter to serious for any filmmaker to address. Others have impossibly high standards, something Spielberg doubtless was aware of when he undertook the project.

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