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Listener's Log: Budgie by Budgie

Album: Budgie
Artist: Budgie
Release Date: June 1971
Date Listened: 8 February 2017
Remarks: From the dawn of heavy metal and from the days before Rush, we give you... Budgie. Of course this is quite dissimilar to Rush in many respects, but it doesn't take much imagination to draw a connection. Budgie is a hybrid of the blues riffing coined by Zeppelin and the progressive noodling being undertaken by psychedelic groups of the day. It is also a power trio styled after the Experience or Cream. And! There's a bass player who sings. Shrilly! Yet, this is not the proto-Rush, but something unique. Heavy in the sense that Sabbath is heavy, but also much more tuneful. There's great promise and great imagery. My only true complaint is the sleeve. It's a bit girly, and doesn't really represent the music contained within. But mystical pony and mariachi bird away! I guess.
Stand Out Tracks: Guts, The Author, Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman, Rape of the Locks

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