The Meandering Hexagon

Album: Moving Waves (Focus II)
Artist: Focus
Release Date: October 1971
Date Listened: 24 July 2017
Remarks: I confess that I've sat down to listen to this album many times, and yet I never really get past Hocus Pocus. Like most people, I was introduced to the band by this song. It is so incredibly different from anything else on Moving Waves, that it's like having an appetizer of a banana split followed by an entre of caviar and lamb risotto. Hocus Pocus does a better job than almost any other song of it's era at fusing blazing rock n roll with more sophisticated classical ideas but the rest of the album... Well, it's mostly just classical ideas being performed by excellent musicians. Highly enjoyable, but not at all quite like the yodel-drenched masterpiece that opens the record.
Stand Out Tracks: Hocus Pocus, Janis, Moving Waves, Eruption

1 comment:

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