The Meandering Hexagon

Listener's Log: Hark! The Village Wait by Steeleye Span

Album: Hark! The Village Wait
Artist: Steeleye Span
Release Date: June 1970
Date Listened: 29 October 2017
Remarks:  I love Maddy Prior. There early efforts are great, even though they would emerge as a completely new group a couple times over the next few years. A great folk record full of great sounds
Stand Out Tracks: A Calling-On Song, The Blacksmith, Fisherman's Wife, Blackleg Miner, The Dark-Eyed Sailor, All Things Are Quite Silent, My Johnny Was A Shoemaker, Lowlands of Holland, Twa Corbies, One Night as I Lay On My Bed

Listener's Log: Full House by Fairport Convention

Album: Full House
Artist: Fairport Convention
Release Date: July 1970
Date Listened: 28 October 2017
Remarks: Remembering that at one point I had set out to listen to this band's entire discography, I decided to dive back in with a popular record and skip around in the order a bit.
   To be honest, I had never had much in the band after Sandy's departure, but I must admit this album blew me away. Dave Pegg is magnificent on bass and the Swarbrick/Thompson/Mattacks instrumentation is brilliant. An enjoyable record on par with old favorites Liege & Lief and Unhalfbricking. Makes me wish I had listened sooner.
Stand Out Tracks: Doctor of Physick, Dirty Linen, Sloth, Sir Patrick Spens, Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman,

Listener's Log: Ege Bamyasi by Can

Album: Ege Bamyasi
Artist: Can
Release Date: November 1972
Date Listened: 22 October 2017
Remarks: Freaked out
Stand Out Tracks: Gee I dunno... I'd have to listen again. Definitely Vitamin C. And Sing Swan Song. The others are all great in the background, but are they Stand Outs? Time will tell. I'm definitely intrigued enough to listen more.

Listener's Log: Tago Mago by Can

Album: Tago Mago
Artist: Can
Release Date: February 1971
Date Listened: 14 October 2017
Remarks: No drugs were harmed in the making of this recording.

Overall, I enjoyed this album. Even at it's freakiest moments. It has a very pleasant, psychedelic thrum to it that reminds me of Barrett-era Floyd though this digs into slightly deeper, darker, and more abstract places. On first listen, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.
Stand Out Tracks: Paperhouse, Mushroom, Halleluwah, Aumgn, Bring Me Coffe Or Tea