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Listener's Log: Full House by Fairport Convention

Album: Full House
Artist: Fairport Convention
Release Date: July 1970
Date Listened: 28 October 2017
Remarks: Remembering that at one point I had set out to listen to this band's entire discography, I decided to dive back in with a popular record and skip around in the order a bit.
   To be honest, I had never had much in the band after Sandy's departure, but I must admit this album blew me away. Dave Pegg is magnificent on bass and the Swarbrick/Thompson/Mattacks instrumentation is brilliant. An enjoyable record on par with old favorites Liege & Lief and Unhalfbricking. Makes me wish I had listened sooner.
Stand Out Tracks: Doctor of Physick, Dirty Linen, Sloth, Sir Patrick Spens, Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman,

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