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Listener's Log: Aquemini by OutKast

Album: Aquemini
Artist: OutKast
Release Date: 29 September 1998
Date Listened: 13 February 2018
Remarks: As I begin a journey to listen to the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums, I'm a little uncertain. After all, there's quite a few albums on this list that I would never listen to. It seems certain that Aquemini is one of them. The cover looks like a high school artist's weak sauce attempt at a blaxploitation movie poster. Despite this, Aquemini is a beautiful, textured, thought provoking record. Full of stories, beauty and heartache. Even if I don't enjoy all 500 albums, for this one, I'm grateful. 
Stand Out Tracks: Return of the G, Rosa Parks, Slump, Da Art of Storytelling, SpottieOttieDopaliscious
RS Top 500 #: 500. See the full list here

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