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Listener's Log: Wheels of Fire by Cream

Album: Wheels of Fire
Artist: Cream
Release Date: July 1968
Date Listened:  March 2018
Remarks: Wheels of Fire is basically tied with Disraeli as best Cream album, so far. Towards the end of this short journey, I'm more or less of the same opinion about Cream. Their records are generally lacking in energy and the number of banal numbers outweighs the number of masterpieces. But such masterpieces!
Stand Out Tracks: White Room, Passing the Time, As You Said, Pressed Rat and Warthog, Deserted Cities of the Heart, Anyone for Tennis, Crossroads, Spoonful, Traintime, Toad (Drum Solo)
RS Top 500 #: 205. See the full list here

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