The Meandering Hexagon

Listener's Log: Roger the Engineer by the Yardbirds

Album: Roger the Engineer
Artist: Yardbirds
Release Date: 15 July 1966
Date Listened: 29 April 2018
Remarks: A much celebrated album, but a tad overrated I fear.

Listener's Log: Choose Your Own Adventure

Album: Choose Your Own Adventure
Artist: Choose Your Own Adventure
Release Date: 30 January 2018
Date Listened: 18 April 2018
Remarks: Locally sourced from Charlottesville VA! Jazz/Funk with incredible energy and great vibes. Highly recommended
Stand Out Tracks: Netflix and Jam, All Day Long, Good Question, Qzak

Listener's Log: The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie

Album: The Man Who Sold the World
Artist: David Bowie
Release Date: 4 November 1970
Date Listened: 10 April 2018
Remarks: I like Space Oddity as much as(or more than) the next guy, but it's nice that Bowie rocks out a bit more here. I still feel that my biggest problems with him are his voice and his music, which always seem to take a back seat to his image and his radicalism. The Man Who Sold the World is a work of art, but I'm not sure I love it as music.
Stand Out Tracks: The Width of a Circle, Running Gun Blues, Saviour Machine, She Shook Me Cold

Listener's Log: In Search of Space by Hawkwind

Album: In Search of Space
Artist: Hawkwind
Release Date: 8 October 1971
Date Listened: 9 April 2018
Remarks: This is the seminal Hawkwind album, and indeed, the seminal space rock album. I can't think of many albums on the same plane. Looking forward to exploring more of their work!
Stand Out Tracks: You Shouldn't Do That, Master of the Universe, We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago, Children of the Sun

Listener's Log: A Sailor's Guide to Earth by Sturgill Simpson

Album: A Sailor's Guide to Earth
Artist: Sturgill Simpson
Release Date: 15 April 2016
Date Listened: 4 April 2018
Remarks: Simpson's blend of country and folk rock is very enjoyable but some tracks are more enjoyable than others. From Boston road trip.

Listener's Log: A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

Album: A Moon Shaped Pool
Artist: Radiohead
Release Date: 29 September 1998
Date Listened: 4 April 2018
Remarks: Not really a Radiohead fan, but this album made me want to listen a little more carefully. Listened on a road trip from Boston.